Daylite Cloud

For most of 2019 Daylite has been cloud-only. People may continue to run Daylite Legacy in a self-serve configuration, but support has ended for that, and it is no longer sold. I can tell you from nearly two years’ experience that Daylite Cloud is a good thing. The subscription model that finances Daylite Cloud frees the user from having to wait for major new features, and it secures the support and development teams at Marketcircle to keep improving and sustaining the user experience.

Daylite now follows a new version scheme that reflects its continuous improvement model. When you check what version you are running by clicking “Daylite > About Daylite”, it shows the version as something like Version 2019.44 (4352), which means YEAR.WK (build number). The version tells you exactly when it was released, which will help you keep track of the features you can expect.

Since older options for Daylite have been cancelled by Marketcircle, we are removing certain links from this website today to avoid confusion.

If you are currently using Daylite 5 or Daylite 6 Legacy and wish to catch up to enjoy the improvements in Daylite Cloud, contact us using the rightmost link located above, “Contact Info”. We will get right back to you.

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