Plugins for Creating Daylite 6 Contacts and Forms

One of the most popular ways to use a custom plugin in Daylite is to control data entry. The data then provides identifying information and configuration to set up what you need to run your projects and pursue opportunities with prospective customers. For example, consider the following window from an eldercare plugin. The application here is to register an elderly person looking for some form of supportive housing.

The plugin action defines a rich profile of the client and organizes the data input process by using a different tab for each kind of information.

Once the user has entered all available information and clicks “Create,” the plugin processes the inputs and commands Daylite to create linked People and a family (Organization), add contact information to the client or her personal representative, describe all the client’s relationships within and outside the family, and specify in Daylite Forms linked to the client all the prospective residents’ needs and the preferred timeframe for completing arrangements.

By adding other actions, such as profiling residential facilities, searching for a match, and issuing documents like availability queries and contracts, a plugin like this one can make Daylite a very business-specific tool, not just a very good general CRM system.

This kind of “front-end” plugin action supports many industries:

  • Sales companies
  • Regulated industrial facilities
  • Analytical laboratories
  • Capital placement and investment firms
  • Pet boarding and training facilities
  • Photographers
  • Specialized home services
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Real Estate Sales and Rentals Brokers
  • Attorneys

Please contact us with ideas for your company’s next Daylite plugin.

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