Release of Merlin Project 8

Today’s post is one I have been looking forward to presenting to you for months. Merlin Project version 8 is here, continuing this fine tool’s advances in both features and visual elegance. Here are some of the more important points:

  1. A new dynamic help system. Toggle it on and mouse over icons in the toolbars, work area and inspector to see useful documentation of the features.
  2. A bigger inspector font. It is surprising how much it improves readability.
  3. A fuller capability to customize the timeline bar and other lines in several view types, adding line thickness and dashed or dotted line styles to the existing color customization.
  4. A new workflow for creating a new outline column.
  5. The phone icon in the resource inspector can now start calls for all devices connected to the computer. On the iPad, of course, this also works if a GSM card is installed.
  6. Beautification of the checklist attachments and the inspection window.
  7. There are two new commands in the API for AppleScript to automatically (e.g. via Hook) get the URLs of documents and their contents.
  8. The iPad version can now also create resource pools.
  9. A redesigned workflow with file attachments and inspector pane.
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