We have just added Merlin Project

Merlin Project from ProjectWizards GmbH in Germany is a beautiful and powerful business app for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. It has been available in the US since version 1 in 2004, and it has been expanded and updated continually up to today’s version 7. However, its representation in the United States has gone up and down through the years, so many people today who could use it beneficially are not even aware of it.

We are here to change that. Want to talk about it? Call us 8-5 US Central Time at (334) 332-1868. Want to schedule a conversation? Use the Contact Info tab at the top of any web page of this site. On our home page and on the Merlin Project tab, there is a link for downloading the installer to a Mac. Try it out and go to Project Wizards’ website to schedule a demo or a training class with us.

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