Plugins & Software for Daylite 6

Custom Plugins

Plugins are software programs written to use the Daylite Client SDK, so they run from within Daylite and interact with it. Many useful functions are available in commercial plugins. We at Putah Creek Development recommend, sell and integrate these in your environment.

Daylite Cloud has opened a different kind of software possibility. Using the Daylite Cloud API, custom apps interact directly with the Daylite Cloud Server with the same security as Daylite itself. These apps may run on macOS or iOS (iPhone or iPad). This new API makes most of the main Daylite objects available to apps, though a few remain to be added.

We also develop fully custom plugins just for our clients. Although these necessarily cost more than other options on account of the size of the development and the limited audience, the exact fit often brings enough productivity gain to justify it.

Between commercial and fully custom plugins in cost are semi-custom plugins that adapt features we have already developed into an overall package that still serves your exact needs like a fully custom plugin.

Putah Creek Development plugins are licensed by user or by site, depending on their nature and purpose.

An efficient data entry form that provides attributes for multiple Daylite objects.

Here are some examples of our advanced features you might want in a semi-custom plugin:

  • Custom data entry for efficiency and quality assurance
  • Data exports in alternate formats like Excel
  • Complex data merging for custom outgoing email and FAX
  • Mnemonic name generation for Projects, Appointments, etc.
  • Facility availability displays for boarding, rentals, lodging, etc.
  • Visual Reservations scheduling
  • Check-in/check-out transactions
  • Long sales cycle communications freshness displays
  • Filters based on salesperson, region, meeting interest, known address, etc.
  • Regions defined based on constituent states
  • Sales prospect interest tracking
  • Laboratory data collection
  • Client needs profile
  • Product capability characterization
  • Geocode collection and search
  • Custom attribute-based searches
  • Efficient contract setup
  • Automatic payments scheduling
  • Automatic web form post-processing

A custom tab in Daylite that displays a sortable table of progress in a long cycle sales effort

A month’s worth of facility availabilities with controls to initiate bookings.

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